Budva Tivat Airport bus timetable and cheap bus tickets

Besides the taxi services you can also use the local transportation on relations Budva-Becici- Sveti Stefan- Petrovac -Budva. Taxis are available everywhere and because Budva is not a big town the trip will be short and quick and so also cheap. The infrastructure of the local beaches is ideally focused on a variety of leisure activities – from active to lazy and from educational to gastronomic. If you are deciding how to get to Budva, pay attention to the flights to all nearby airports.

Budva is popular resort on the bank of the Adriatic Sea and the most important touristic centre of Montenegro. Budva is connected with other Montenegrin cities, including Tivat by many highways, so you can get from Tivat airport to Budva by booking transfer, by bus or by cab. Fill out the order form and choose the payment method
Specify the date and time of the meeting. You can pay for the transfer by card on the website or in cash to the driver.

It is a mostly undeveloped island with some beautiful beaches. Well connected to the mainland with water bus, it is a popular excursion site for tourists visiting Budva. Further to the south, numerous small beaches and towns, make up the more high end and exclusive part of Budva Riviera.

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You will be met at the airport with a sign (even if the flight is delayed), help with your belongings and taken directly to the hotel. Our wide selection of carefully selected local companies offer a wide variety of transport options suitable for all budgets from economical shared bus rides to chauffeur services. The best way from Tivat airport to Budva if you go on a budget local train from the airport and local bus for €3 you can book online. The cheapest way from Tivat Airport to Budva is by bus for €3 and you can book online. You will have to walk outside the airport minutes until Tivat Bus Stop, check here to know the exact location. The journey time from Budva to Tivat Airport is about 35 minutes.

The most comfortable option to get will be book a private transfer from Tivat Airport to Budva. Firstly, you can pick up a car of any class and capacity, as well as order a child seat or booster for a child. Secondly, the price of the trip will be known even when booking a transfer and will not change. Thirdly, upon arrival at the Antalya airport, you will be met by a polite driver with a name plate, escorted to the car, helped with luggage and taken to the hotel. You can get to Tivat airport (and from there) by flying, by rental car, , taxi – most frequent, or pre-booked transfer.

Bus from Budva to Tivat

Also, for each piece of luggage, if any, you will still need to pay 1 euro extra already on the spot, to the driver. You should get to highway Jardanski Put where runs go to the nearest cities. It is situated in 50 m from the exit budva to tivat airport of terminal in airport, you should cross the road and stop at crossroad. You can just wave your hand and to stop the bus that you need (it’s normal in Montenegro). You should ask the driver and make sure if the bus goes to Budva.


If you have little luggage and you are traveling alone or together, then the best option will be intercity bus… If you come with children or you have a lot of things with you, then it would be wiser to book a transfer in advance or contact local taxi drivers. This can be done either on the spot, at the taxi stand at the airport, or in advance, through the KiwiTaxi service. Landing – 0.5 euros, then about 0.8-1 euros per kilometer. It is worth agreeing on the cost with taxi drivers in the airport parking in advance, before boarding, or you can ask to turn on the meter.

The price for renting a car varies depending on the season, as well as the number of days for which you plan to rent a car. With the help of online services, you can pre-select the necessary model of the machine, as well as see all its characteristics. The deposit for a car in Montenegro is quite low, if you do not book through global giants such as Hertz, and may not be available at all. The required driving experience is from 2 years, as in Montenegro it can be difficult to adapt to the local driving style. It will be more comfortable to get to resort from the airport by cab, especially if you do not travel alone, but with company in four persons.

Map of airports near Budva

Kotor was ruled by many nations, including the relatively recent Austro-Hungarian Empire. Taxi fare varies depending on the distance and the number of people in the party. Destinations outside Montenegro, such as Dubrovnik in Croatia, Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Shkoder in Albania, could be reached by bus from Budva or Kotor as well. Here are some things you need to know before you book your flight to Tivat Airport.

Booking a car in advance will help you save money at least one and a half times. If you have an open return ticket, secure your seat in the bus on time and book a return reservation online, 48 hours before departure. When entering the bus, you need to show return ticket and seat reservation to the driver.

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The most budgetary way to get from Tivat airport to other cities is, of course, a bus. Bus stops (if you can call them that) are located near the airport, on both sides of the highway. Buses to Budva, Bar, Kotor run for about 40 minutes, but the problem is that the main flow of passengers gets off at the Tivat bus station. There is a public transport stop not far from the airport, but you should not flatter yourself about this, as it rarely goes there. And although you can find information on the Internet that the bus from Tivat Airport to the city runs every 30 minutes, in fact this interval is at least an hour, so waiting or not waiting is your choice. Therefore, it is best to take care of the airport transfer in advance and order a taxi in Tivat through local or international service providers.

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Golubovci Airport is located approximately 21.13 miles / 34 kilometers East-Northeast (ENE) of central Budva. On completing the reservation process you will receive a confirmation that includes also a phone number, should you have any last minute question shortly before the trip. The roads in Montenegro and the quality of the driving are generally good, however, there are some points of difference and local habits which you will soon become accustomed to. The airport is situated 3 km south of the centre of Tivat, 8 km from the centre of Kotor, and 20 km northwest of Budva. When visiting all these historic sites, make sure to read the intriguing history of Montenegro to understand the architecture of the places you will see better!

Montenegro has a relatively good bus network that connects all the cities. However, Montenegro is a small country so certain lines are not very regular and https://taxi-travel.me/ their availability varies depending on the time of the year. The bus stations of Kotor and Budva offer reliable connections to other parts of Montenegro.

Another major airport is Podgorica Airport (TGD / LYPG), which has international flights from Podgorica, Montenegro and is 66 km from Budva, Montenegro. There are regular bus connections to Budva from all over Montenegro. The bus to Sveti Stefan runs around every 10 minutes, and the one to Petrovac runs every hour. After clicking, you will see a new “Final cost” with a new price you need to pay. If you would like to leave a message, please click on the button below.

Buses and mini buses are available for private transports between Budva, Tivat Airport (TIV) and any other destination. If you are looking for a private hire bus transfer from Budva to Tivat Airport (TIV), please write to us for a quote. We offer transfer in Tivat by private car service, taxi and bus for groups up to 56 passengers, single travellers, families or smaller group of friends. The Olimpia buses have a flat fare of Euro 2.50 per stretch.

How to get to Budva from airports

Take a ride along the highway or order a taxi to Lepetane (ferry crossing). Next, go to the ferry on foot (it is free for pedestrians, only drivers of vehicles are paid) and there you can go to public transport Blue Line, the stop will be on the right way 50 meters away. And then for a maximum of €1.70 you will get to the city you need, be it Igalo, Zelenika or Kumbor.

Bus station Tivat

The message field will open and you will be able to send a message to the transfer company. Please note that there are no public buses or airport shuttles available between Tivat Airport and the town of Tivat. Otherwise, another option is to travel by bus to Tivat bus station, and then – take a taxi as described below.

Other transfers are available as well in and around Budva area. This airport has international flights from Tivat, Montenegro and is 19 km from the center of Budva, Montenegro. The transfer service is available from Tivat Airport every day during the Airport operating hours. The transfer service is available from Podgorica Airport every day during the Airport operating hours. The airport offers free Wi-Fi for all passengers, as well as accessibility and services for people with disabilities. There is also a lost and found office in case you misplace your luggage or belongings.

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