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Dario was an excellent driver – there on time for both flights and very friendly and helpful. That is why any foreign cuisine, especially Asian, in the country takes root with difficulty. The best establishments here offer national cuisine, the main feature of which is fresh, natural products of simple preparation. The most popular souvenirs from Podgorica are edible. Tourists bring olive oil from here, negushsky prosciutto, cheese and wine.

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He captured Vysotsky with a guitar on a small pedestal, where the words of Vysotsky’s poem dedicated to Montenegro are carved in two languages. Vladimir Semenovich was here on tour and filming the film and captured his warmest impressions of the country in poetic lines. The monument is located near two bridges, which in their own way complement the figure of the poet. The monastery, https://taxi-travel.me/ founded at the very end of the 19th century, is located in a rocky area and a significant part of its premises is located in the rock mass. Old-timers say that even before the monastery arose here, Christian images were found in the caves, probably dated to the first centuries of Christianity. It is even believed that the monastery itself has a miraculous origin.

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The original historical name of Podgorica was returned to the city in 1992. The name Podgorica first appeared in historical sources in 1326, under that name the city was designated in the court documents of the Kotor Archive. Video from the capital of Montenegro, the city of Podgorica. Podgorica is a unique city where the urban landscape and picturesque nature are wonderfully intertwined.

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Here you can find inexpensive accommodation options, as they say, “first-hand” directly from property owners. You can compare offers from several hotels to choose the most profitable option for the price or a set of additional services. Modern Podgorica is the largest industrial, commercial and financial center of Montenegro.

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This place has been used for many years for city events. You can get to the airport by your own transport on the E 80 and E 65 highways. These are the main highways connecting almost all the cities of the Adriatic coast in Montenegro. According to the latest census, a little less than 200 thousand people live in the city of Podgorica, which is 30% of all residents of the country. The area of \u200b\u200bPodgorica is 10% of the total area of \u200b\u200bthe country. The capital of Montenegro, Podgorica, occupies the central part of the state in the Zeta Plain.

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It is also a shelter for animals in difficult situations. Therefore, the composition of the inhabitants there is always different – after treatment and restoration of animals, zoos are dismantled. Here you can chat with deer, wild boars, ostriches, llamas, foxes and even cubs and wolf cubs, as well as with many almost tame birds. The Podgorica City Museum (official website in English) preserves the rich historical heritage of these places – it displays artifacts dating back to the Roman and Illyrian eras. A walk through the pedestrian Hercegovachka street (Hercegovacka pesacka ulica) will make you feel the old spirit of the city.

Today, the Palace of Modern Art is located in the Palace – a rather original place, there is something to see. Walking not far from the fortress, you will find yourself in the most romantic place – on an old, stone bridge over the Ribnitsa River. In hot weather, the banks of the Morachi River turn into a clean, comfortable beach.

Local seasonal fruits — citrus fruits, grapes, pomegranates, figs, kiwis — will survive the transportation. Surprise your loved ones with unusual fruits – the “zinzula” growing in Montenegro resembles a pear and an apple in taste. Montenegrin honey collected in the region of the Moraca and Tara rivers is especially appreciated. The author of the monument is Russian sculptor Alexander Taratynov.

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The most romantic place is the old stone bridge over Ribnitsa, in summer there is an open concert venue, and the river bank turns into a beach. Among Russian tourists, the monuments to Pushkin (Njegoseva, 2) and Vladimir Vysotsky (Jovana Tomasevica) are popular. The latter was very fond of Montenegro and dedicated several poems to it.

Given that the city is located in a flat area, it rarely snows and in small amounts, it rains most often from December to March. Regardless of the time of year, the capital of Montenegro is beautiful, beckons with its hospitality and charm. During the Second World War, after the bombing in the city there were no monuments of culture and architecture. Fortunately, German bombers failed to completely destroy the rich historical and cultural heritage. Among tourists, it is widely believed that in the capital of the country Podgorica there are few attractions and the tourism sector is not as developed here as in the coastal regions. This is partly true, but once here, you will feel the incredible atmosphere, the interweaving of ancient history, sometimes tragic, and modern architecture.

Childseats from the city centre cost 30 CHF extra.

The city is surrounded by rivers – Moraca and Ribnita flow through it. Ponds are a surprisingly picturesque feature of the capital. In different years, different cultures, religions and states dominated the territory of Montenegro. Each milestone in history is reflected in the architecture and cultural heritage of Podgorica. In 1455, an alliance was concluded between Podgorica and Venice, two armies united in the struggle against the Ottoman Empire. In 1479, the village became part of the Skadar Sanjak, founded by the Sultan from Turkey.

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