How to Prepare for a Corporate Board Seat Interview

To allow a board of directors of a company to accept a new member they must be sure that the person is a good fit for the organization. This is why the interview process is a critical part of the procedure.

Board members are interested in hearing candidates talk about their abilities and experiences that make them qualified for the position, with particular attention to the value they can provide. Interviewers frequently ask questions to assess the candidate’s knowledge of the complicated and challenging questions that board members may face.

They’ll also need an understanding of how the candidate will handle conflicts and how she can effectively engage other board members with respect. Boards often ask candidates how they will handle specific issues like shareholder engagement and potential conflicts of interests. They are also looking to determine if the candidate is ethical and accountable.

Companies usually provide applicants with a list of materials to read prior to interview. It takes more than a cursory scan of these to gain a comprehensive knowledge of the company and its C-suite and board members, industry dynamics, and key risks. The best preparation involves listening to CEO conversations with investors and analysts as per Deb DeHaas who is the two-time public company board member and chief executive officer of the Corporate Leadership Center. She says it’s crucial for candidates to be able and articulate the reasons why the company or its product, or the challenges it faces is intriguing and how their experience could aid in addressing these issues.

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