Data Room Confidential Mode

Data room confidential mode prevents non-authorized users from accessing your computer’s information. It allows an information area manager to restrict the use of a particular user’s account in the digital space based on their Internet protocol address or system. This is a crucial feature for M&A deals where sensitive information like research results and copyrighted items, could be shared.

Keep track of user activity easily using audit trails. This includes who looked at which files, when and where they were downloaded, and what was redacted.

With fence view and view only mode, you can view documents in a protected environment. These features safeguard your private information by preventing users from print, save, download or screenshot documents. This feature makes sure that, even the user is able to expose sensitive documents, the original file will not leave the VDR.

A reliable VDR can allow you to create granular access permissions for every file and folder within the data room. You can limit who is able to access the documents, set time limits and limit downloading of entire folders or specific people within the data room. You can also set up an encrypted link that only the user who has been invited can use to access the documents stored in the data room.

Some of the best data rooms will offer several tools that allow you to control sharing of documents and protect your data using an encryption of 256 bits in transit and at rest, and manage access permissions by using two-factor authentication. They will also support a wide range of file formats as well as the ability to search, making it easy to locate any document within the data room.

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