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Also, if you land in Croatia and drive to Montenegro, know that not all car rental companies will allow you to cross the border. Over time, it has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. Like the old towns in Croatia, the small pedestrian streets with the old city walls are perfect for getting lost (without actually getting lost). This charming town sits peacefully on the picturesque Bay of Kotor, surrounded by black mountains and other small medieval villages.

A One Week in Croatia Itinerary You’ll Want to Steal (7 Day Guide) – solosophie

A One Week in Croatia Itinerary You’ll Want to Steal (7 Day Guide).

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It’s very common in Kotor during the low season, and you don’t want to end up overpaying. The downside to the Old Town is that it can be busy during the summer months. If you’re looking for a quiet and tranquil environment to work in for June, July, and August, then you might want to consider somewhere else. There’s also less accommodation available in the Old Town, which can drive up prices during busy periods. Kotor is not a sprawling city with lots of different neighborhoods to choose from. However, there are a few areas that stand out as being particularly well-suited for digital nomads.

Montenegro Travel Guide

The views are truly spectacular and have to be witnessed in person to appreciate them. In any case expect your journey by taxi to Kotor Bus Station to take between 30m and 33m hours. If you are planning any detours or toilet or lunch stops, remember to calculate some extra time for that.

You could easily lose a few hours in here, sitting at the cafes, eating gelato, looking in the shops, and admiring the churches and buildings. In summer it definitely can get a little crowded (no way near as much as the other popular European destinations though). If you want to have the Old Town to yourself, go at 6am and it will just be you, the cats, and the pigeons. Drivers both punctual – outward journey from Naples Airport and from hotel in Sorrento at end of holiday. Price not the cheapest but nowhere near the most expensive – money well spent – thoroughly recommend this company.

You might struggle to find a plug socket from time to time, so charge your laptop before you head out for the day. Letrika Caffe Bar is widely considered to serve some of the best coffee in town, and it’s a great place to work during the day. The cafe has a really cozy and relaxed vibe, and there’s a charming stone courtyard to sit and work from on warm days. There are plenty of cafes, bars, and restaurants to enjoy, but the town is small enough that it doesn’t feel overwhelming.

Citizens from China need to hold a diplomatic or service passport. Click here for more details and information on other countries. There are no Uber, Lyft, or other ride hailing apps in Montenegro, so you’ll need to use a standard taxi. Always make sure to use an official taxi that has a meter. Your hotel or Airbnb can help advise on the best taxi companies to call by city.

I had mostly been frequenting capital cities prior to coming to Kotor, and it was refreshing to be somewhere more low-key for a change. In terms of internet speeds, Kotor is definitely up to par. I was able to work quickly and efficiently without any issues. At the airport you will be met by a driver holding a sign with your name. In addition, if your flight is delayed, you will not be charged an additional fee for demurrage.

We note right away that it is better to go via ferry if you want to get there faster. But to enjoy beautiful views, we advise you to go towards the Bay of Kotor. Tivat International Airport, as mentioned above, is only 4 km from the city center, so if you have a small amount of luggage, you can go here on foot. In addition, you will have to go all the time in a straight line, so you definitely won’t get lost. There are practically no footpaths along the route throughout the entire journey, so we do not recommend taking this route with suitcases.

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Italy pushes for investments into Western Balkan strategic sectors.

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The bank rates are (in my opinion) high when you take out cash. The ATMs (even bank ATMs, not just general ones) charge a 10% fee on top of your own bank’s fee. Budget enough to take out cash for your transfers, boat rides, lodging, some food (though most places accept cards), and souvenirs. I entered Kotor from Croatia as I continued my 10-day Croatia Itinerary into Montenegro.

The Museum of Perast is small and concise, including exhibits mainly donated by local families who are descendants of Perast’s nobility. Learn about the history of the town by viewing paintings, weapons, flags and medals from it’s past. On the island is the Roman Catholic Church of Our Lady of the Rocks with a museum attached, and a small gift shop. Entrance to the church is €1 and you also have the option of hiring a local guide for a tour. We’ve visited almost the whole country and we know it well.

I loved Perast so much that we visited both days while in Kotor. My favorite thing to do was simply walk along the water’s edge. The architecture and the scenery is gorgeous and it;s beauty is highlighted during golden hour. They have both low prices and cars arriving on time with decent drivers.

Book a discounted private transfer from Herceg Novi airport!

We serve all our passengers with the maximum respect and attention. Whether this is your first trip or you have been traveling with us for years, let Easy Private Taxi arrange your trip. One thing many of us travelers have learned by now is that any country can be cheap if you’re determined to stick to a strict budget. Go to New York City and live entirely on dollar slices and free events at public parks. Roam the canals of Paris munching on baguettes and washing it down with discounted wine. As mentioned, there is a big disparity between rent prices during the high and low seasons, which can make a big difference to your overall cost of living.

One of the cheapest ways to get to the resort you want is by using public transport. Join a group of like-minded Digital Nomads and discover how AI can revolutionize your business. Gain hands-on experience with AI tools while enjoying euro taxi kotor the wonderful views of the majestic mountains. However, as a digital nomad, this most likely won’t be necessary as you will be working online. However, paid positions do occasionally crop up, so it’s worth keeping an eye out.

The high season for tourism in Kotor runs from June to September. During the summer months, it’s important to book accommodation in advance as prices will be at their highest and availability will be limited. The most viable coworking option for digital nomads in Kotor is Kotor Nest.

We went with Kotour Travel Agency and it was a full 10 hour tour. The views from Lovcen National Park are breathtaking, especially on a clear day. And Skadar Lake is beautiful with it’s formation and colours. These tours might not necessarily come cheap, but it’s so worth it. You can read my full blog post about the tour here or watch the vlog here.

The hosts were lovely and the views were spectacular (even better than the pics in the listing). It was about a 10 minute walk to the waterfront promenade and then a further 10 minute walk to the Old Town. There’s also a small supermarket less than a 5 min walk away. Because the views of Kotor Bay are to die for… Like literally breathtaking. I was here for a month and every time I looked out over the bay it took my breath away. That feeling did not fade after a month as it sometimes does.

However, it’s definitely possible to let your hair down and have a good time here. The cost of travel will depend on the means of transport you choose for your trip. A flight ticket is the most expensive option – it will cost you about UAH 7,625. If you want to save on transportation, it’s better to take a bus as a bus ticket costs as low as UAH 152. A taxi ticket is the most expensive option – it will cost you about UAH 3,961. If you want to save on transportation, it’s better to take a bus as a bus ticket costs as low as UAH 87.


Landlords are keen to rent out their properties and are willing to offer significant discounts. After all, it’s either that or have their property sitting empty for months on end, with no income at all. For this reason, it’s definitely worth considering a winter stay in Kotor. Despite being such a historical area, the Old Town is also home to plenty of cafes and restaurants.

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The required driving experience is from 2 years, as in Montenegro it can be difficult to adapt to the local driving style. Take a ride along the highway or order a taxi to Lepetane (ferry crossing). And then for a maximum of €1.70 you will get to the city you need, be it Igalo, Zelenika or Kumbor. Sunsets by the blue Adriatic and narrow cobblestones of the old towns are reason enough to go to Montenegro. Driving in Montenegro is on the right side of the road and roads between the main cities are fairly good, making self-driving a decent option. If you do drive, know that it is illegal to use a mobile phone while driving (headsets ok), and there are strict blood alcohol rules.

However, we’d always advise learning a few local phrases and words out of respect and to help in those inevitable difficult situations. You can check out our list of useful words and phrases for Montenegro in our Montenegro travel tips. The best time to visit Kotor is in either June or September when there is less rain and the weather is warmer. Kotor is small so works well for a 2-3 night trip, but you could tie this in with an overall longer trip to Montenegro.

thoughts on “Perast Montenegró // A Picture Perfect Gem on the Bay of Kotor”

English is not widely spoken in Montenegro, although you should be fine in restaurants, hotels, and shops in Kotor. However, learning some basic phrases in Montenegrin will definitely come in handy. Depending on the distance to the needed city, the price of transfers from Tivat will change. For example, a transfer for 4 people to Budva will cost euros, to Bar — euros. The most budgetary way to get from Tivat airport to other cities is, of course, a bus. Bus stops (if you can call them that) are located near the airport, on both sides of the highway.

Call official companies (your hotel can help you) or get taxis from official queues. Beware of taxis conveniently sitting at key tourist spots. There is no Uber, Lyft, or other hailing apps here, so to get an understanding of an appropriate fair, ask a local or at your hotel. Also, carry small bills, to avoid needing change, as many will say they have none. Kotor’s Old Town is beautiful and has been well preserved over the years. There are so many little alleys it’s easy to get lost in here… But that’s all part of the fun, right!?

St. George contains a monastery and a cemetery, but it is off limits to tourists. You can easily ask to drive a car directly to the airport at the time of arrival and go to your resort in comfort. In this article we’ll try to consider the most popular ways to get to the resort from the airport, highlight their pros and cons, and calculate approximate prices. However, note that in the summer months you can expect to add at least €300 to the price of rent. Compared to much of Europe or the USA, Kotor is a very affordable place to live.

When searching for accommodation, remember that rentals on third-party sites are very often more expensive. It may be worth booking a hostel for a few nights and then searching for an apartment once you’re in Kotor. This way, you’ll be able to see the properties for yourself and negotiate a better price in person.

This is a great way to see the Bay of Kotor from the water and takes just 10 minutes, whereas the journey takes 45 minutes on the road. There is no transfer fee for passengers, either, although you will pay €2 for a scooter or motorcycle and €4.50 for a car. As mentioned, Kotor is quieter during the low season, and many places close down completely from October to May. However, there are still a few bars and clubs that remain open all year round. If you’re visiting during the off-season, you’ll still be able to find somewhere to enjoy a night out. Therefore, for the vast majority of digital nomads, obtaining a temporary residence visa for Montenegro will not be possible.

Prices vary for taxis in Montenegro and do tend to be more expensive between June and September. However they’re still relatively cheap with a ride in any of the towns not usually costing more than a few Euros. If you’re coming from Kotor, you can pick up the blue line bus right outside Old Town’s walls at the end of the market. There is no bus stop but you’ll see the bus written on the road where it will stop. The ride takes 30 minutes and costs €1 each way (pay on the bus). You specify the arrival time in advance on a special website and book a car.

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