Budva to Dubrovnik Airport from 26 Private Car Transfer in 2 Hours

When visiting the “must-see” destination, you will be landing at Podgorica International Airport, and you have two transportation options to get to Budva; you can take a taxi or the public bus. Taking a taxi or a private transfer from Podgorica airport to Budva is the most convenient option. Cabs are the only direct way and provide 24/7 door-to-door transportation, getting you to your Budva hotel in 1 hour.

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You can easily find Podgorica airport’s official taxi ranks outside the arrival halls. Dubrovnik Airport (DBV / LDDU) has international and domestic flights from Dubrovnik, Croatia and is 71 km from Budva, Montenegro. You can call there as soon as the plane landed, until you pass control and get your luggage, a taxi will arrive. They will pick you up at the right time and take you to the hotel. When the plane flies to Tivat airport, thenpassengersopens a stunning panorama of MontenegroYu. AndFrom the porthole you can see the mountains and the Adriatic coast.thpestilenceI.

Podgorica Airport (TGD) to Budva

Prices includes fixed fares, taxes & gratuity with no hidden costs. You will receive confirmation of your booking via email confirming your trip details. Another major airport is Podgorica Airport (TGD / LYPG), which has international flights from Podgorica, Montenegro and is 66 km from Budva, Montenegro. The nearest major airport is Tivat Airport (TIV / LYTV).

Although, you will first have to make your way to the central bus station as there are no direct bus routes to Budva from Podgorica airport. Various bus companies are available daily, running long hours with short waits. If you have little luggage and you are traveling alone or together, then the best option will be intercity bus… If you come with children or you have a lot of things with you, then it would be wiser to book a transfer in advance or contact local taxi drivers. Taxis in Podgorica calculate their fares using a taximeter based on the time and distance travelled.

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The bus station in Budva is located near Ivana Milutinovića Square. There are a lot of buses on the route Budva – Podgorica, especially during the season. They run from half past six in the morning until half past ten in the evening.

How much is a taxi from Tivat airport and where to find it?

This airport has international flights from Tivat, Montenegro and is 19 km from the center of Budva, Montenegro. A trip to Tivat by taxi will cost you from 20 euros (from 1500 rubles). You can buy them at the ticket office of the bus station.

Dubrovnik Airport is located approximately 34.18 miles / 55 kilometers West-Northwest (WNW) of central Budva. Golubovci Airport is located approximately 21.13 miles / 34 kilometers East-Northeast (ENE) of central Budva. Taxi is always an attractive option as you can book a cab to take you from Budva to Podgorica any time of the day. Airports of Montenegro have international codes of IATA and ICAO. An IATA airport code is a three-letter code designating many airports around the world (including Montenegro),
defined by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). The characters prominently displayed on baggage
tags attached at airport check-in desks are an example of a way these codes are used.

After clicking, you will see a new “Final cost” with a new price you need to pay. If you would like to leave a message, please click on the button below. The message field will open and you will be able to send a message to the transfer company. Depending on the chosen vehicle, the price of a private transfer may vary.


This is especially useful if you are getting a rental car,
since it might be better to drive a bit farther in order to save money
on airfare. If you’re booking an international flight, you probably
want the closest major airport, otherwise if you’re a pilot you may be
looking for a local airport. Use this tool along with the flight
distance pages to plan your travel. Taxi from Podgorica airport to Budva can be booked online.

How to get from Podgorica Airport to Budva

This option is considered the cheapest and most economical, but not very convenient in practice. The city’s bus station is located almost 3 kilometers from the airport. For your convenience, we marked the Tivat bus station on city \u200b\u200bmap. In this part of the post I will describe the most popular bus routes from Budva. It should be understood that there are a lot of routes, many of which are useless for tourists, I will not write about such routes.

Almost all Montenegrin bus stations have a bus schedule. At the “advanced” stations there are electronic boards with the schedule, at simpler stations you will see an information board with a printed schedule. If there is no bus station building in the village, then you can find out the schedule from local residents. Please insert the date and time of your flight arrival (not take off), as informed by the airline. The driver will take into account luggage collection and immigration formalities. Each passenger is allowed to have one checked bag and one carry on.

You can buy them at the box office at the bus station. It is important to know this and always be ready for the requirement to pay for baggage, but it’s not a fact that you will be required to pay, it all depends on the carrier. About paying directly on the bus and how to do it, I wrote a little higher, but here is a simpler way that can give you some savings. A short checklist before traveling to Montenegro, these are the minimum requirements for your comfortable vacation. You will also know where to look for a bus station in Budva, and how to use it. To do this, you need to go to the road, which is located 50 meters from the airport building.

Domestic airports near Budva, Montenegro

However, most taxi companies offer fixed rates when heading to a popular destination. A one-way Podgorica airport transfer to Budva should cost a fixed price of €50. Taxi from Podgorica airport to Budva costs 50 euros, and is one of the cheapest in the country. You can also schedule a return transfer from any address from Budva to Podgorica Airport. You can book a taxi from Budva to Podgorica Airport even if you did not use our service on arrival.

Transfer service from Budva to Podgorica Airport

Are you looking for a private transfer or a taxi from Podgorica Airport to Budva? With Mytransfers you can book your trip in less than 60 seconds and with instant confirmation. Our driver will https://taxi-travel.me/ be waiting for you with a welcome sign upon arrival at Podgorica Airport and will take you directly to your hotel, villa or flat in Budva. Tourism popularity is gaining momentum every year.

We’ve introduced a metric indicating how safe travellers feel when using our services during the COVID-19 pandemic. After every ride, we ask each traveller to leave a review. Budva, one of Montenegro’s most famous destinations, is located 65 km southwest of Podgorica. Budva Riviera is known for its coastal area, well-preserved medieval walled city, sandy beaches and eclectic nightlife. Includes only airports with scheduled air service.

Gratuity isn’t included or required, but if you really enjoyed your trip, you can show your driver your appreciation with an optional tip (10% is sufficient). Rinas Airport is located approximately 75.19 miles / 121 kilometers Southeast (SE) of central Budva. Ivangrad Airport is located approximately 64 miles / 103 kilometers Northeast (NE) of central Budva. Zabljak Airport is located approximately 60.27 miles / 97 kilometers North-Northeast (NNE) of central Budva.

Driver (Antonio) was awesome, car was very comfortable and clean, and we felt very safe! We will definitely use this service in our future travel. Choosing the standard private transfer you will have at your disposal the car, the minibus or bus, without distinction of brand, which will lead you to the chosen location. Taxi to the airport, with professional drivers, will take you on time and comfortably to your airport or your destination.

The price of the trip may depend on the specific taxi driver and the time of year – during the season (late spring, summer, early autumn) taxi services become more expensive. We tell you how to get from Tivat airport to Budva and other resorts in Montenegro by taxi, bus and transfer. Travel time, prices, advice on the choice of transport. Regional Montenegrin buses- These are perhaps the most important and convenient buses for tourists.

Vehicles with capacity for more than 4 people or for passengers with special luggage needs are rare at Podgorica Airport. If you book in advance with us, the transfer from Podgorica Airport to Budva will be carried out with a vehicle that will be perfectly adapted to your needs. While taxi is the only option we offer for this route, these simple tips and recommendations will help enhance your travel experience. The most economical way to travel to Будва is by bus. Shared transport options will be more budget friendly as you will be sharing the travel with other passengers. The fastest way to get to Будва will be with a pre-booked taxi or minibus waiting to whisk you off on arrival.

We offer private transportation service from Budva at competitive and affordable rates. Book online in minutes and save up to 40% compared to a metered taxi fare. Please note that there are no direct bus routes from Budva to Podgorica airport and vice versa; you must get to the Central Bus Station first which will add time and effort to your journey. The travel time to Budva from the city centre of Podgorica is 1 hour 30 minutes, excluding the first part of the journey from Podgorica airport to Budva Central Bus Station. The most convenient way to get from the airport to the desired resort in Montenegro is to book an inexpensive transfer in advance. You will be met at the airport with a sign (even if the flight is delayed), help with your belongings and taken directly to the hotel.

Afterbaggage screening and passport checks departing fallto the waiting room, where there is a small Duty free shop. The prices in it are not very different from the prices in a regular store.incity.Pbefore paymentpurchasesshould be presentedcashierticket. AlpLine the Alps Transport Company offer private airport transfers to Budva & shared airport transfers to Budva. To obtain a quote for your budva airport transfer, please use the quote generator below.

Your safety is our priority and your comfort, our satisfaction. Regrettably, no direct buses operate from Podgorica airport to Budva; you must first make your way to the Central Bus Station near Podgorica’s city centre, then continue your journey from there. This map and route are for information purposes only, with no guarantee of accuracy or completeness. The transport company retains absolute discretion to choose the route to your destination.

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